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Naturist Beaches in Germany

Germany has long been famous for its so-called “Freikörperkultur" (FKK), or Free Body Culture.

So, stripping down to your birthday suit is as natural as breathing. Strutting your stuff or going nude, is Germany’s favourite past-time.

While it’s almost unconceivable that you could find naturist beaches in Germany considering its moderate temperature. There quite a lot of nudist resorts and beaches in Germany.

Weather is of minor consequence when it comes to Germany’s love for nudism.

While the northern German coast may have many islands, the large majority of Germany doesn’t have the coast and beaches but that doesn’t stop them sunbaking in the nude. So, they opt for naturist resorts and campsites.

Here are a few places you can join the locals at Germany naturist resorts & beaches.

Nude beaches in Germany

Nude camping in Germany

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