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Germany is a large country and it’s one of the best places to head to for a sexcapade. Swingers from all over the world come to experience swinger parties in Germany for various reasons, one being that swingers in Germany are open-minded, experimental and non-judgemental.

There are 3 variations of swingers’ parties in Germany. House or organised private and club swingers’ parties.

To be invited to house parties obviously, you must know the host or someone going to that house party. Going to Club parties are easiest since swingers’ clubs hold different themed swingers’ parties regularly though the week and weekends. There are also private organisations that hold swinger parties in Germany. What follows then is a summary of general etiquette for when attending swingers’ parties Germany and a list of German swinger party organises in different German regions. To find out what clubs are holding swingers’ parties check our German swingers club list.

Swinger party & House party etiquette

Swingers Party Organisers