The Dream Heaven is a large playground and swinger club for adults, close to Düsseldorf, where the lust for eroticism does not come short. Here open and curious people meet to visit once a slightly different party. The possibilities in our swing club and on our swing parties are diverse. A large and free bar area with a large bar to get to know and lovingly designed rooms and separate rooms as well as a rich buffet at our swing parties invite you to feel good. Our swinger parties and events take place on several days a month in Wülfrath, in the direct vicinity of Düsseldorf and are among the top events in the area. For beginners, translators and curious ones, we offer on special evenings and a relaxed learning of our swinging club. With an individual guide and the possibility to answer all questions you open the door to new and exciting experiences. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Fortuna Str. 38,

42489 Wülfrath, Germany

+49 2058 8989292